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Y&L Consulting, Inc.’s Employee Referral Program gives our company the opportunity to hire quality candidates through referrals from our own employees. We reward those who give successful referrals through a cash bonus after an agreed-upon period of satisfactory employment of the referred candidate.


The Employee Referral Program is open to all employees except those whose primary function is marketing, recruiting, human resources, or management.

An Employee Referral Form is attached on this website page and/or may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources. Fill out the form, sign it, and have the referred party sign it. The applicants you refer must have this form attached to the resumes or applications they submit to Y&L. You cannot refer anyone who has already applied to Y&L, who already works at Y&L, or who has worked for the company within the last twelve months.

You will receive a referral bonus for any Y&L Consulting, Inc. billable employee that was referred by you. The bonus will be paid as long as you and your referral are both considered “active” at work for Y&L Consulting, Inc. You must notify the Y&L Account Manager that the potential new employee is your referral before they start work with us. Once you’ve done this, you can receive further information about what type of competitive bonus you qualify for.

The Employee Referral Bonus for the aforementioned positions on this Careers page is up to $500 and is dependent on the seniority of the position listed.

Payments will be made in US dollars and paid to the referring employee once Payroll has been notified by the appropriate Account Executive. Taxes will be taken out of this amount and reported on the employee’s Form W-2 at year-end.

Download Y&L Employee Referral Form here