Y&L takes a unique approach to Help Desk/Service Desk solutions. For the clients we serve in this capacity, we have created customized onsite/off-site and offshore combinations. Based upon our experience, we are able to create “boutique” help desk configurations that completely meet the needs of our clients.

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Many of our competitors operate stand-alone Help Desk centers and simply “make room” for your employees’ calls by carving out a set number of operators. These operators generally open tickets and then forward them to designees within your company with very little to no follow-up afterwards. Not capable of anything beyond simple password resets, your outsourced Help Desk becomes a “No-Help Desk”, according to your employees.

Instead of following this model, we create onsite, well-staffed, micro-help desks. Each site has an experienced help desk manager who is well versed in creating and managing agreed upon Service Level Agreements and Metrics. We then staff your help desk with individuals who can independently address Tier 1 and Tier 2 issues and work with your internal team on more strategic Tier 3 issues. To provide evening and weekend coverage, we have either U.S. citizens or individuals from one of our five offshore centers available, depending on your preferences and budget.

One of the key benefits to installing an onsite Y&L Help Desk is the fact that our employees quickly become your employees in terms of fitting in with your culture, being known by name internally, and even participating in your events and charities. When our people feel connected to your people, they care even more about giving their best level of service.

Here are some recent comments from NuStar Energy employees regarding some of the members of their (Y&L) Help Desk team:

  • “The help desk is amazing. Everyone on the business side that I have spoken to about it has nothing but great things to say about it. It’s so much better that what we had with [previous company].”

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  • “On Thursday, I called the help desk and was pleased with Daniel Villarreal. He was able to answer my questions and take care of my needs. I know you have a lot of sharp individuals, and he is one that you can brag about.”
  • “It was great that I did not have to wait for a call back from the help desk. Once John got on the line and understood my issue, he took care of it immediately. Great job! Thank you!”

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